Concept Artist
Looking for a concept artist who will create characters, as well as reskins.
The style is related to overwatch and apex legends. This the third-person shooter project.
Creativity, vivid imagination, a keen eye for details;
Work with references;
The ability to sketch quickly and clearly expressing ideas;
Depict concepts from different angles if needed;
Be adaptive to different styles;
Use 3D packages as auxiliary tools (for example, ZBrush, 3Ds Max or any others);
Bring the concept to the final or to a high degree of rendering;
A good understanding of anatomy.
The location is near the metro station (Vasylkivska);
Open management without bureaucracy;
Salary reviews every half a year;
Paid sick leave and 24 workdays paid vacation;
Possibility to grow inside the friendly and professional team;
Comfortable office, cookies.
If you are proactive, motivated to the result and responsible, contact us!
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